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skills for online teaching

skills for online teaching

what are the skills


for online teaching ?


There’s no doubt that online English teaching revolutionized the way second language acquisition is handled.

Because of the convenience of the Internet, professionals without a degree in education or a teaching certificate can still make money or do what they love to do, which is of course teaching.

Students from non-English speaking countries don’t have to go to the US, Australia, or the UK to make sure that they receive quality English classes. All they have to do is to log into the Internet.

This information will help to give you 5 of the top skills and values that an online English teacher should possess if he/she wants to succeed in ones craft — or at least, be an effective teacher.

Essential Skills and Values for a More Effective Online Teaching ?

Top Skills to Succeed


But no matter how life-changing online English teaching is, there are some skills and values that a teacher must possess to be able to find success in this field. After all, it’s not as if it doesn’t come with some difficulties. Along the way, as you teach a second language online, you’ll encounter not just technical problems but issues regarding teaching itself.

For instance, there are some students that be demanding , difficult to manage , or fickle . Some students are moody, and some of them don’t want to study and cooperate. If you don’t like a challenge , your patience will definitely be tested.

What are the skills and values that you must have?

1. Passion


It’s true, if you are not passionate about teaching, it will be easier for you to be an ineffective teacher. If all else fails, it is your passion in the end that motivates you to do something significant. So if you don’t see yourself interacting with another culture through teaching, you’d better find an alternative that your heart desires.

 2. Patience

The importance of patience cannot be overly emphasized. You’ll be encountering different types of difficult online English students and sometimes, you’ll be tempted to give up on them. But however difficult the situation is, the most important thing is not to crack under pressure. Sometimes, a moody student won’t cooperate with you, but patiently prompting will let you survive this challenge.

Never, ever lose patience when teaching

3. Pronunciation and grammar skills


It’s not enough to be a native speaker of English. You need to know the technicalities of the language so you’ll be able to explain grammar rules and sentence patterns in a clearer and more effective manner. The English language is filled with patterns and structures. So brush up on your pronunciation and grammar skills. Make sure that you have enough technical knowledge before you start teaching online.

4. Internet skills


Whether you like it or not, you’ll be dependent on the Internet in all your online classes. That said, you may want to hone your Internet skills because there are tons of materials that you can use to make your classes interesting, fun, and effective. There are a wide selection of videos to use, articles to read, and free resources to take advantage of.

5. Creativity


Many online English teachers are fond of repeating themselves. They love letting their students read sentences, and asking the same questions over and over. Surely, you can think outside the box and bring in something interesting, yet educational.

From using creative visuals up to creating English songs, you can surely come up with a good idea if you just unleash your creative streak. Students love it when your lessons are interactive, so your challenge is to find something that will pique their interest.

All in All the skills for online teaching can be an useful and rewarding, but by helping students reach their full potential and contributing to another persons ability to communicate in different language the reward does not only have to be monetary but also a feelig of accomplishment and achievement when your students language skills grow. 


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  1. Tery says:

    Hi i just like to ask if even a high school graduate like me can be a english tutor? i can speak and write english well even i am not a native english speaker.

    • admin says:

      Dear Tery ,

      due to the popular demand we have had to our services to teach English via SKYPE

      unfortunately at this time we are only accepting native English speakers with suitable teaching qualifications.



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