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online teaching with Skype

online teaching with Skype

Online Teaching with Skype


is becoming more and more popular and Since its initial public launch in April 2003, Skype has experienced fast growth, in both popularity as well as in software program development.

Skype is a user-friendly, proprietary, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software program.

The Skype services allow users to make voice phone calls anywhere in the world for free (PC-PC), or for a small payment (for calls to a regular telephone or mobile phone).

Technically, Skype is not really an open source software, which means that it’s inoperable with other open source VoIP system. Additionally, its codes isn’t available to public access or to general public inspection.

SKYPE As a Distance Education Tool

Among professional online instructors, Skype is possibly one of the most successful and popular voice application for teaching english or any other subject on the internet.

Skype, along with the likes of Google, MSN and Yahoo is among the leading internet companies to support free voice, talk and video. Skype is as well assisting to fuel and further the interest in distance learning and online tutoring.

With online teaching,  a typical ESL student is now able to take one-to-one english lesson courses in the convenience of their own home. All they need is a personal computer running Skype, an internet connection and an ESL teacher prepared to tutor them online.

Online tutoring is immediate, interactive and it’s becoming a popular substitute for classroom learning. Students may also expect to get personalized support including grammar, sentence construction, essay writing, proof reading, conversational english practice and much more.

However its not merely ESL students who are experiencing the benefits of online learning, English educators are also enjoying the advantages of these web-based communication technologies.

TEFL (Teachers of English As A Second Language) teachers who had been once limited to doing work in private language schools, or even traveling overseas and to doing work in short-term positions, are now able to conduct private online classes with an ESL student from any place in the world.

Online teaching with Skype has exploded so much in popularity that even English language schools and businesses are now providing online lessons in addition to traditional classroom learning such as skypeenglish japan who are looking for active teachers now .

 SKYPE As A Teaching Tool

 Skype is a wonderful communication tool between teacher and student, providing many helpful features for example chat, voice, file transfer and video conferencing.

Skype is straightforward to learn and use, nevertheless it has adequate features to satisfy just about any communication requirements.

A lot of TEFL teachers, who in the past tutored with MSN and Yahoo Messenger have recently switched to Skype due to it’s ease of use, popularity, security and reliability.

Aside from the intuitative buttons and menus, another primary reason why Skype is so popular is that Skype is presently translated into 24 languages, providing many ESL students with technical support as well as help files in their own language at the click of a button.


 - Well-liked by TEFL teachers and ESL students together.

 - Free high quality voice call (PC-PC phone calls).

 - Free audio and video conferencing features.


 - Closed source proprietary

- Skype often accesses the computer systems hard drive which may consume more power in the long run

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  1. Carl Beekman PhD says:

    I am very interested!

    Dr. B

  2. Tefl jobs says:

    One of the positive effect of internet is making communication easier and more convenient!

  3. Christine Kavanagh says:

    Hi. I have been a college tutor, teaching Travel and Tourism, and Business Administration and an individual trainer of Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction and I am fully qualified to Teach English as a Foreign Language and I am interested in registering to teach English via SKYPE. I know it works as I am currently learning French via SKYPE and fine it extremely easy and efficient. Could anyone please advise me as to the best sites to register with. Thanks Christine

    • admin says:

      thankyou for your interest into

      please go to the above mentioned site where can register as a Native teacher and have students from Japan who are looking for native conversation Teachers


      regards wade admin


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