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online teaching jobs

online teaching jobs

online teaching jobs


On line teaching or tutoring is an attractive option to face-to-face teaching . 

It allows a people who are interested in teaching from teachers to  university students an opportunity to earn extra income by working conveniently at home with no wasted travel time and absolutely no transportation costs –

an important consideration, given  recent increases in the price of gasoline.

Live teaching requires you to be on line for tutoring sessions, and pays you for the time you spend on line.  Sessions can be conducted  live using both audio and video with a headset and a webcam.

Some on-line companies have their own web platforms; others use public domain chat platforms such as Windows Messenger, Yahoo, or Skype. 

For webcam tutoring you will need a fast and reliable internet connection.  You will also need to invest between $25 and $50 in a computer headset and spend between $50 and $100 on a basic webcam. 

Avoid the more expensive webcams with face tracking, as this feature is unnecessary and can be quite annoying.

The best way to find on-line teaching work is here at skypeteaching jobs or to search for on-line tutoring companies such as .or by doing a Google search using keywords such as the subject you are qualified to teach, and phrases such as “teaching on-line,”  “on line tutor,” or “webcam teaching”.

When you locate a company, check out the client fees on their website and decide if it is worthwhile to submit an application. 

A good rule of thumb is that the tutor will probably receive 50% of the client fee, so if the company charges the student $30 an hour, the tutor probably receives $15. for example at the set fee is $10.00 per 50 min lesson however, once 100 lessons are taught the rate is flexible and the teacher can set their own price for a lesson .

You should be able to submit an job application through the website.  A legitimate company will not ask you to pay money up front, but will expect you to be qualified, and may have a fairly stringent application process.  Also, find out how you will be paid. 

Most companies like will make payment by PayPal, so be cautious if some comapies ask for bank account information or other financially sensitive information. 

As with any on-line venture, it is always a good idea to sign up with several companies.  There are two reasons for this.  First, companies may not guarantee a set number of teaching hours per week, so you will increase your earning potential.  

If your application is successful, you may find that things start slowly at first until you begin to build your client base. 

However, on-line tutoring is a real job which offers the potential to make a solid supplementary income.


10 Responses to “online teaching jobs”

  1. Minerva Butac says:

    I am interested in teaching English online. How can I apply?

    • admin says:

      Thankyou Sir for your interest .

      At this moment the main site is still under development hopefully within the next month we will have the site up and running whereby you wiil then have the opportunity to registar and become an online English teacher at Skypeenglish Japan.

      all students will be from Japan and are very interested to learn English Online through Skype so if you feel you have the right qualifications and are a Native English Teacher with experience then this may be a good opportunity for yourself to make a new career in Teaching .

      Thankyou once again for your interest, and please visit this site regulary and click on the above links to find out how to becoma an online English Teacher at skypeenglish Japan

      Best Regards
      W Adams
      (owner skypeenglish Japan )

  2. mili says:

    i m interesting in this job tell me the method

    • admin says:

      thankyou for your interest into becoming an online teacher.

      At present our Main site
      is still under construction but hopefully in the next few weeks we will have it up an running. if you are a native speaker of English, please come back soon and there will be an opportunity for you to join up helping Japanese students improve their English skills .

      Regards Wade

  3. admin says:

    thankyou Louie,
    for your reply

    we will contact you in the near future when the site
    is up and running .


  4. admin says:

    thankyou tom for your enquiry .

    Hopefully we will be up and running in the next few weeks when our main site
    will be operational.
    Please come back soon and there will be an opportunity for you to join up helping Japanese students improve their English skills .
    our site is predominantly focussed towards Japanese students, so any previous experience will be a big advantage as students will be drawn to your knowledge related to English teaching .
    Regards Wade


  5. Ray Lehane says:

    I’m also waiting for your site to begin. I’ve been teaching English for the past 15 years, including 3 in Tokyo. The idea of working with Japanese students again really interests me. Do you have a start date in mind or will it be later rather than sooner?

    • admin says:

      thankyou Ray ,

      for your enquiry .

      As mentioned previously our Main site
      is still under construction, we are still finalizing some small issues with the main site but hopefully in the next few weeks we will have it up an running.

      I will be personally contacting all enquiries for teaching from this site and informing of when the main site
      will be available for commencement .
      Thankyou once again for your paitence and we look forward to working together in the near future

      Wade (Owner) & Admin

  6. Saira says:

    Iam an experienced english teacher, have good command over all aspects of english language.Moreover, i have a passion to teach effectively what i have in my mind, to unfold the mysteries of english language. Hopefully, i be given a chance when ever this site will start working. Awaiting

    • admin says:

      hi there ,

      Thanks for your enquiry into the site is now operational, so please feel free to browse and check out the great features that we offer .
      If you would like to join up, dont forget to fill OUT the teachers profile form after you REGISTER which is located on the teacher F.A.Q page then you have an opportunity to help teach English online in japan .

      Thanks and good luck




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