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How to make money teaching online

How to make money teaching online 


Teaching a language on the Internet is becoming a lot more popular these days . By using MSN messenger, Skype or other web-cam systems people can get jobs related to teaching their own native language !



When teaching online,you are able to set your own hours and availability, as well for experienced teachers with qualifications the pay for teaching online is quite good .

In addition there are dedicated online language schools which employ tutors and teachers for their own students, the following are a few steps that will help you to make money teaching online your own native language .

1. Preferably, when you start you should have some kind of certification to show to your potential students or employers. Its far better having some type of certification than not having one, and besides that you can also learn a lot if you do decide to go by way of gaining some type of certification program. Take a look at or for more information.

2. Once you get your certification, you can then look for students for online classes and you can charge a higher rate for your lessons. The simplest way is to perform a search.

There are many websites which will let you post your details and they will get students for you for a small payment such as  Skypenglish Japan which focuses on collecting students from Japan. Many language students will post the need for an online teacher on language bulletin boards. Some will ask for ask free instruction, but most will pay.

So when considering how to make money online having a certification will definitely help as mentioned , students feel more comfortable with an instructor who has had training and certification however if you don’t have any certification there are still students that are more than happy to chat and pay for the services

As a native teacher you can help build confidence, correct pronunciation help with usage of idioms and teach students to respond appropriately in discussion skills which are skills that are commonly overlooked in teaching today.

3. Another way to attract students is to offer a competitive rate for your lessons as it is often quite expensive to have a face to face individual lesson with a native speaker in the student’s country.

Online teaching may not make you rich, however, it is always in demand and there’s plenty of work available for enthusiastic, conscientious and helpful teachers. You just have to go out and get it!

4. Start teaching ! If going solo, you may want to compose some lessons in advance so you don’t have to wing it during the entire session. But if you decide to join up with an online language schools most already have lessons composed and should be available free online for your usage.


8 Responses to “How to make money teaching online”

  1. EFLJjobs says:

    The utmost advantage of online teaching would be,the time is yours. You can teach according to your desired schedule.

    • paul arvanitis says:

      hello my name is Paul i am 42 years old and i’m very much interested in teaching English online my mother is American so English is considered to be my mother language. Of course i can easily get the t.e.f.l. certificate if this makes a difference please give me some piece of information how to proceed, or if you think i can do it without the paper that is OK. Thank you in advance Paul

  2. Joseph says:


    This sounds a great way to make a little money, meet new people in Asia and use my skills in English ,

    I am actually a child psychologist and psychotherapist by profession. However I have worked in several schools abroad teaching English as a second language

    Best Wishes


  3. beth says:


    am currently in china and would like to teach English online as a part time job. i worked at all the private schools and public schools and I know i will be a great assest.

  4. Karen says:

    Hi there! I’ve been handling English group classes and online classes for Korean students for almost 10 years now focusing on discussions and useful English expressions. I’m very much interested in teaching English online.

    • admin says:

      hello Karen please go to were you can find out lots of information how to sign up and register as an online english teacher for students in Japan

      best regards wade admin

      skypeenglish Japan

      • sharon rose alcayde says:

        hello I’m Sharon rose alcayde 20 years old I am 4th year education student . I’m very interested working as online English teacher

        • admin says:

          Dear Sharon if you have suitable education,degree and qualifications , along with a clear native speaking voice then please apply at the following website


          Here you will be able to subscribe to be a teacher and send your teachers profile so that we can include it onto our teaching site for students in Japan

          thank you for your inquiry .

          regards wade


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