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how to improve your English

how to improve your English

How to improve your english is a question which

is commonly asked these days.


In my experience as an online English Instructor  as ell as an ESL class teacher, I’ve come across many second language students that have lots of questions.

The majority of my students have requested how they can improve  their English speaking ability and sophistication to speak English more frequently within their daily lives .

Sometimes students request the things they should know when they conduct business with American people and just how culture affects business interactions. They are all great questions so today we will have a look at some of the typical questions regarding English grammar, pronunciation and just how to understand English as it is spoken.

 Some Questions From English Language Learners:

“How can I improve my English outside of class?”

Most English students, including international professionals and graduate students, ask this question. It can be hard to make significant progress if you take a class just once per week for 1 hour.

However, if your life at work and at home is busy, it’s important to find a way to make English a part of your daily life.  Make an English learning network blog where you can communicate in Japanese or English set up an account through twitter or face book.

Have other English students join create a social network around your  hobbies or interest in English , by participating in these kind of activities English skills will increases very quickly

I can speak with my tutor but what about outside of the class ?

A lot of English language learners feel comfortable speaking English with a tutor or studying with a book but when it comes to really speaking and interacting with Native speakers new language learners of using English, often don’t feel comfortable.

It’s time to change that! By getting out and using English in everyday situations going shopping , joining a sports team, or just asking for directions its important to use English and not just study English.

“What is the difference between ‘going to’ and ‘will’?”

This is a tough grammar point and there are a few general rules that you can learn such as

 1.   I am going to is when we have already decided to do something

 2.   I will is when we decide to do something at the time of speaking

But remember in American English, we sometimes break the rules and there are many exceptions to the rules. So my advice is, learn the rules, then go out and speak with local people. Listen to them use the future tense, try it yourself and be willing to make mistakes.

“My pronunciation and grammar are o.k, but how can I improve my listening?”

Listening is an important part to how to improve your English but many people think that you have to designate a specific time with a textbook and a CD at home doing listening exercises to improve.

I don’t agree with that. I believe that you can improve your listening anywhere, at any time, if you are using the internet or even if you like to listen to music or watch movies these are all helpful ways to improve one’s listening skills

“How do I know which letters are silent and which letters I should pronounce?”

In English, unlike other languages, we have a lot of letters that are not pronounced in words. English words are not always spoken the way that they are written. Can you pronounce ‘autumn’ and ‘hymn’? How about ‘island’ or ‘pneumonia’?

If you aren’t sure how to pronounce these words, If you’re confused by all these silent letters, don’t worry. Many grown-ups find them confusing too! The more you read and practice spelling, the better you’ll be able to figure out how these silent letters work!

How much and when do I have to tip in the United States?”

Being successful in the United States requires more than just English skills! You are in a new culture and our customs and values are different from those in your home country. So, daily life will present challenges! One common challenge is tipping.but the general rule is..

Restaurants with table service: Tip 15% of the bill, based on the quality of service. If you receive exceptional service, 15-25% is customary.  In major cities of the U.S. however, 20% is considered to be a “good tip”.

Tipping in the USA is something you get the hang of after you do it a while. After a couple of days, you’ll be able to gauge when you receive stellar service, or whether someone is “phoning it in.”

If you are mistreated anywhere, you must inform a manager.  Don’t tip poor service – let someone know you were unhappy, even if you just leave a note to the server as to why there is no tip added to the bill.

remember overcoming these problems is just a matter of practice just like riding a bike, playing the piano or learning any new skill it takes continued effort and practice to overcome any barriers when learning something new .

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