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Getting started teaching online

Getting started teaching online

Getting started Teaching online


and things you need to know !


One of the questions frequently asked by newcomers is this: What do I need to get started teaching English online? Here is a checklist of basically all the materials you need to start with your venture. 


- a laptop or desktop computer

- a high resolution webcam

- headsets with good audio quality and ultra sensitive microphone / mouthpiece

- a stable Internet connection with a speed of at least 1 Mbps

- Skype

- books filled with activities, pages should be scanned and converted to jpg files

- visuals and other materials such as slide presentations

- resources that you can check from time to time

- a convenient payment scheme or system such as Paypal

- optional: credentials such as TESOL certificate or diploma, scanned

- optional: a Youtube channel or a website that you can use to market your services

If you don’t have a computer, you will find it convenient to go to a quiet Internet cafe and do your online classes there. These cafes are complete with the things that you need, from web-cam to a stable Internet connection.

There are a number of resourceful online English teachers who make Internet cafes their working station. If you are planning on doing this, just make sure that you have a good flash disk to store in your lessons, documents, and scanned book pages.

But if you are uncomfortable with the idea of having a flash disk with you, you can always join a cloud storage site where you can conveniently upload and retrieve your files and documents.

As for the books, you have a choice whether to purchase English books or not. As a matter of fact, you can create lessons yourself. As long as you have a good course structure, you can devise fun activities and include interesting games in your classes.

You might want also want to check out personal blogs and sites of other English teachers because most of them have great materials and resources that they are very much willing to share. Also, if you’re not planning on being a freelance online English teacher, the e-company such as  that you’ll be working for will definitely give you some books or materials to use.

As early as now, think of the best and most convenient way to get paid. Some clients prefer to pay via a verified Paypal account, and some prefer to pay via bank or wire transfer.

Each of these payment systems has corresponding transaction fees, so check them out, and choose the one with the least fees. But aside from that, they also have a waiting period before you can withdraw your funds and see them show up in your bank account. So you should know all the rules and read the TOS so you’ll be prepared.

A blog or a website is an added credibility if you are interested in freelance but if you go with an accredited company that finds you your students a blog or website is not necessarily needed 

There are some free platforms that you can use for this objective. Two of the most popular include Blogger and Word-press. Just make sure that you stick to the topic of online English teaching so that your students will see you as an authority in the field.


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