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ESL teaching online

ESL teaching online

ESL Teaching online


Becoming a good ESL teacher online instructor depends on experience, good sense plus a versatile method of meeting the students’ requirements.

Additionally if we add a modern blend of mastering the new medium of the Internet and maintaining one’s understanding of the current base of education, achieving the status of a great online instructor becomes more challenging .


My almost 3 years online teaching experience I have uncovered just about all sorts of students, from the inarticulate and uninformed to the precocious and difficult. Thankfully, almost all of my students happen to be fairly right of focus on that range, and many of them are actually eager to learn or seriously require assistance within a difficult studying task.

Therefore a web-based instructor will become “good” in the same manner as any professional becomes “good”: by experiencing similar teaching challenges and working out how to manage all levels of student abilities to ensure “learning takes place.”

By “tutoring challenges” it is intended to be a form of wanting to get a student to clearly explain a job to making sure the teaching time isn’t just “answer giving,” which all students will most probably be satisfied with anyway.

Common Sense

With experience a good online instructor learns to make use of common sense and a certain instinct the student has really learned something in the online session.

However, one must consider that some students tend to be more motivated from the need to deal with a job or a work situation than having to really learn something, and having a grammar point or article explained may be only of secondary consideration to the student.

And so the good online instructor who understands this point will concentrate first around the student’s desire to obtain the information for business or for the job performed, yet still have time to accompany the lesson progress with a few learning and challenging thinking points.

Because as the teaching session proceeds, a good tutoring approach constitutes of a kind of “bargain” while using the student: to sign up, think and respond in return for progress to get the response needed.

Even as this process starts, the instructor must have the ability to evaluate the student’s understanding and have a method to evaluate the subject matter and apply a suitable level of training for the student.


The very best training lessons are those who arrive at the core of the issue quickly in addition to satisfy the learning needs of your student – even if a student cannot clearly state what their needs are. The requirement for flexibility comes from the endless number of students who come online.

Therefore the tutor’s flexibility must originate from the experienced searching that exposes the student’s expectancy. It’s just depends on discovering exactly what the student needs in the session and identifying whether the individuals expectation are realistic and reasonable.

Usually, the instructor must convince a student to ratchet their expectation back a little. A student must know that certain on-line teaching session won’t build fluency in a 10 lesson schedule.

The good instructor is the one that can encourage all students that learning and  progress includes work and focus. Actually, probably the most effective teaching methods are ones in which the instructor points the way.

Learning the medium

Sometimes inside a virtual lesson, which has a chat line such as Skype , and Internet browser, Ms Word files will be able to be reviewed and teaching will take place by making comments around the text online and  making live comments around that file. 

So a good online tutor needs to be technically savvy and be cautious whenever using the Internet browser, particularly with more youthful students.

When studying the student’s progress on the Word file, you should keep your student engaged, as the tutor experiences the file. For each correction in punctuation and usage the tutor makes, there must be a lesson learned and also the student must acknowledge the lesson for the lesson to proceed.

Maintaining the understanding base

Academia is continually testing out new approaches and learning ideas. Students will every once in awhile go into the teaching lesson with “something different.” So tutors are just like full-time instructors, who every once in awhile must upgrade their understanding.

The conclusion of “goodness”

The “whole” to be a good ESL teacher online is much more than the sum of its parts, as they say. That “wholeness” develops from a passion for learning, an energetic empathy with individuals who require taking benefit of the tutor’s understanding, experience, and mastery from the medium.

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  1. Brenda Rotstein says:

    Hello there,

    I’m very interested in teaching ESL through Skype.
    Please let me know what is involved and when I can start.

    Thank you in advance.

    Brenda Rotstein


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